10 Reasons to Shop Local in Princeton, NJ

10 Reasons to Shop Local in Princeton, NJ

We live in a community of independent, self-sufficient people. Being a smart consumer these days, means keeping it local. You can actually find better quality products, better service and competitive pricing at local stores in the Princeton area. When you are shopping this holiday season, keep in mind these 10 reasons to keep it local.

1. Keep Our Community Unique
Princeton has a culture all its own. Surrounding towns like Hopewell, Pennington and Lawrenceville also have more unique stores open for retail with distinctive characters then ever before. When you shop local you help to strengthen our communities’ characteristics and promote their growth. This keeps your property values up and the community thriving and successful.

2. Support Sustainable living.
Local business owners typically make purchases in the local area and that means reduced environmental impact due to transportation costs, contribution to sprawl, congestion and pollution.

3. Boost Local Job Markets.

Although “big business” is good for local employment and taxation to our towns, the largest employer of jobs in the U.S. are small local businesses that provide jobs to our community. Shopping local will help support your local employment situation and strengthen your town’s core success by bringing in more jobs to the people who live here.

4. Invest in your community.

You chose to live in this community because of the safety, the beauty and the stellar educational choices for your family. Buying local supports local residents who live in the community and are less likely to leave if they are successful. Investing in local business helps everyone become more successful and therefore keep your community thriving and growing.

5. Put your own taxes to good use.

Local businesses require less investment to make good use of infrastructure and public services compared to nationally owned stores entering the community.

6. Better Customer Service.

Local business owners have a deep understanding of their products, their vendors and their customers. They hire people who understand the community and provide better customer service than you would receive at large retail stores. They make it a priority to service their customer base and you probably won’t be waiting long to get help. This will make your shopping experience less frustrating and will take you less time to get what you are looking for.

7. Support Non-Profit Community Groups.

Non-profits receive on average 250% more support from local business owners than from large nationally owned retailers. Shopping local puts money back into the community in form of non-profits.

8. Support Your Health.

When you shop local, for instance at a Farmer’s Market, you are supporting local farmers who live and provide food for your community. Shopping local produce allows you to eat healthier, tastier and fresher produce that will support healthier living than buying a tomato that has been gassed and sitting in a warehouse in Mexico to get red. Shop Local, Eat Local. Live longer.

9. Allow your community to prosper.

Entrepreneurs and skilled workers are more likely to start business in a local area that is thriving. By shopping local, money stays in the community you love and this helps to preserve our unique character and encourages new business to enter the community.

10. Quality over Quantity.

Individual retailers curate items based on their own interests as well as that of local consumers. This offers you a broader range of products that are better quality than large retail chains that are just looking at the bottom line. Higher quality items are generally found when you shop locally. Supporting local business will drive prices at local stores down which means you are getting competitive pricing from larger retailers.

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Happy Local Shopping!

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