30’s is the new 20’s…

30’s is the new 20’s…

Have you heard this term before?  I have heard it at least once on every birthday since I turned 30; my friends thinking they were consoling me as I morosely wondered what happened to the prior decade. I brushed it aside at first but have now decided to fully embrace it – if it is true I might as well take full advantage.
Living in the Princeton area, this is how I have fun like I’m still in my 20’s while still maintaining some semblance of maturity:

•    Post-work happy hour that doesn’t have suspiciously underage clientele:
Miss the days when you used to hit the bars after work but can’t quite drink (or recover) like you used to?  These are my favorite spots where you can get a good drink surrounded by people as sophisticated as you are, and can even get great food to soak it up since you are no longer able to drink on an empty stomach and still show up to work the next day.

Metro North – With a great bar atmosphere, martini list and a menu that has a wonderful selection of small plates; it is one of my favorite places to hang out and get a drink when I have had a rough day. I love the dirty martini with blue cheese stuffed olives. My husband loves their pizza. Everyone wins.

Clocktower Cabana Patio Bar – It’s like Martell’s Tiki Bar at Point Pleasant without the tattoos, guidos,  and chance of seeing Snookie. Enjoy the summer air at this thatched roof outdoor bar located in the courtyard of the Princeton Shopping Center. They make all the summertime drinks and even some of their own concotions. Try the margarita with jalapeno tequila.

Tre Bar at Tre Piani – When I’m feeling like wine, this is my go-to. A fantastic selection of wines and even wine flights when you are feeling indecisive and want to try a selection. The staff is always willing to give you a taste before committing to a full glass and I love the wide array of varietals they carry. Their tapas menu is delectable and it’s more fun (and delicious) to pair them with the wine than it ever was to pair Coors Light with Sour Cream and Onion Potato chips.

•    Seeing my (ex) favorite bands in concert:
What are the benefits of seeing concerts of performers that reached their peak a decade (or many decades) ago? Other concert goers are as old as you are and don’t want to stand up the whole time either, you will probably not need to compete online to purchase an overpriced ticket for a bad seat, you won’t have Bieber-loving pre-teens screaming in your ear, and no pressure to enter a mosh pit. What you will have are songs that make you reminisce of the good ol’ days  when your hair was longer or bigger or heck, existent.

The PNC Bank Center features many bands of a bygone era. Some concerts coming up are bound to bring back some flashbacks such as Journey with special guest Foreigner, Stevie Nicks and this one I couldn’t believe: Whitesnake with Tesla, Lita Ford, Sebastian Back and Firehouse. I’ll be there shaking my hair around to Here I Go Again.
You can find a few sources to purchase tickets online. Here is one.

•    Hosting a house party without attracting the cops

At the risk of incriminating myself I will not provide any details of parties I attended or hosted when I was younger. I still like to have friends over to let loose but now abhor digging beer bottles out of the mulch or peeling party guests off my bathroom floor.
How to keep things tame? Maybe a moot point depending on the maturity (or energy level) of your friends but one of my tips for an easy party is to have finger foods that are a step above just pretzels and chips but just as easy. Go to www.bonappetit.com and enter ‘easy appetizers’ into the search. (Click here to get there) You can never miss with their recipes and your friends will think you are a true gourmet and maybe actually use the plates you put out.

Instead of just putting a bunch of bottles of booze on the counter, search for some cocktail recipes that go with the season or holiday if there is one. Place the ingredients out with a card that displays the recipe. Not only is it fun, but adds some sophistication that may prevent any party guests from breaking out the funnel.

As for music, I’m all about Pandora radio or Sirius/XM. Continuous music and you can switch up the genres every once in a while to keep things interesting. During my last party I started with the 80’s channel, after a couple hours changed to the 90’s and then current.

•    Dedicating a part of at least one day a week to your favorite extra-curricular activity.
I think most of us gave up some things when we got a job or had kids; whether it was pre-work yoga or lunchtime hoops with the guys. Find the time, even if you need a baby-sitter, and pick something back up again. Doing something you used to back in the day will make you feel better and younger. And the camaraderie or exercise you will also get (even if its mental exercise should your activity be reading) has far-reaching benefits as well.

Here’s to being young again!

Deirdre is our newest blogger and  a Princeton-area resident who, when not blogging, likes to run, read and compete with her husband’s iPhone for his attention.  She also loves traveling, good food, fashion and being in denial of her age which are also her most favorite writing topics.