5 Senses of Sell

5 Senses of Sell

Summer is a great time to sell things. Whether you are clearing out your house and getting ready for a Garage Sale or if own a small business and are looking to sell products or services, perhaps this blog post will help.
PrincetonAds has a few ways to help you do this, you can promote your Garage Sale, Announce special deals to your customers, list yourself as a local service or contribute a sponsored Ad on our site. Every one of us has emotions and if you hit the right one you might just sell a little more. If you missed the town-wide Yard Sale in Hopewell this past weekend you missed out on 2 days of treasure hunting including this one that goes to a very good cause but there are plenty more sales going on our our towns. In your next sale, try hitting some of these emotions in your customers:

1) Fear. People buy things to help eliminate fear.
You can use fear as a way to highlight something you are selling. This doesn’t mean use scare tactics! This refers to conveying to your customer that buying your product will help eliminate fear.
For example. Some people think that the world is going to end in 2012. For this reason, they will be motivated to buy more bulk Rice from Whole Foods. (I might know a person or two who has this fear. No, it’s not me…I’m just too optimistic).
Using some verbiage like “for a limited time” or “while supplies last” make someone fear losing out on a good deal. Try it out.

2) Love. People love Love and love to be loved. Is that enough love for you? For example, if want to be loved, you have to look sexy. Buy this cool sexy shirt and you will be loved. Get it? Simply put, sex sells.
Sell something under Merchandise and try to promote love. See if it works.

3) Free Stuff. If you are also an Economists, you’ve probably been beaten over the head with the lame quote…”there is no such thing as a free lunch”. Nonsense! Of course there is and we love free stuff. Everything you post on PrincetonAds is for free which is why you love us right? Offer something for free and you will attract people. Bargains and Promos are a sure way to get people to buy your stuff later. You can post specials under Announcements and if you are looking to get rid of stuff for free, you can post it for free under Merchandise. Looking for free fun? Join the JaZams 15th Birthday party this weekend in Princeton. It’s free and a great way to support our local toy shop.

4) Money. People want to save and make money.
Marketing your product or service as a way to help save someone money will attract a buyer or customer.
For example, “I offer tutoring lessons at $15/hour. My lessons prove to save $10,000 in college tuition in the first year of college.” OK that’s kind of a long shot but does it make sense? Hello…do you use a bank? If you do, it is because you want to save money and make money. Good luck with this one.
You can offer Lessons and Instructions like this one to help get your started. As a business owner, save on purchasing bags for your customers and support Sustainable Princeton and their BYOB campaign. Look out for further blog posts for more scoop on that!

5) Dreams. Everyone wants to live in a gorgeous home, have good health and no stress in their life. If your product promotes “living the dream” your marketing will be effective. This is pretty much why luxury brands do so well. For other businesses who aren’t a powerhouse like LVMH, promoting the dream life might help you sell. For luxury goods, check out Hamilton Jewelers where you purchase some fabulous goods or consign your goods at Jane to help someone else relive your dream!

As a buyer or seller, your emotions come to play a lot. PrincetonAds offers many ways to buy and sell things in your local community. We all know there are scammers out there. I know many people who have used Craigslist and have been scammed. Please be sure to check out our other post on Avoiding Scams. Keeping it local is the first way to avoid a scam, hence why we think our community needs a site like this. If you are exchanging goods to people, meeting out in a public space is a great way to do this. Some local places to meet and exchange goods are Libraries, coffee shops (Small World or Boro Bean), your local gym like the Princeton Wellness and Fitness Center or parks are a great place to meet.

Try hitting these emotions. Let us know if it works!

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