5 Things I Love About Bootcamp

5 Things I Love About Bootcamp

What does the end of summer mean for you? For me it means the start of some new schedules for my children and a great time of year for me to change up my work-out routine. Let me start by saying I really like exercising but I don’t love going to the gym but after my second son was born this past summer, I was determined to shed the baby weight and get in shape before I had to get back to work. I made the time to go to the gym and took some group fitness classes, mainly Zumba and other cardio classes but after a few weeks, I was not seeing the results I wanted.

I remember seeing an ad for Princeton Adventure Boot Camps so I contacted the trainer, Dave Knapp. I wanted to check and make sure he wasn’t scary and that he would be nice to me and my friends if we were to join in on the adventure. The whole concept of “Boot Camp” reminded me of the Maury Povich Show when parents would send their misbehaving children to boot camp with those spitting drill sergeants to improve behavior. I also had thoughts of that brute Jillian screaming “come on fatty, drop and give me twenty!” I was pleasantly surprised when Dave explained the program and shared that he believes in positive reinforcement.

I signed up for the 3-day/4 week long Boot Camp with 3 other friends. Three of us just had babies so this was a great time for us to work out together with the goal to feel better about our post-mommy bodies. We carpooled at 5am which meant that sleeping in and skipping was not an option for me. Class started at 5:30am at the Nassau Tennis Club. It was early but worked out great because I still had time to get back home, get my children ready for the day and get through my work day with a great amount of energy.

This is a really fun and challenging work-out. Each day you arrive with your basics; a set of weights, your mat and some water. Dave and Lisa team up as trainers to kick you in gear with a well-planned varietal work-out for a full hour. Each day is different which means you are hitting muscles you haven’t in a long time or ever (in my case!). Along with the work-outs, you are provided nutritional advice, a diet plan and continuous works of wisdom and encouragement, like my fave-”You get what you give!”

5 things I love about Princeton Adventure Boot Camp
1) Different routines each week. This means I never get bored
2) Variation each day, hitting different parts of my body.
3) The early start time. Yes, it is early! For me the 5:30am class was the best time for me as a working mom. (9:30 is also available)
4) Dave & Lisa. The trainers are great at keeping you motivated and happy while kicking your butt in gear. Dave is a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and excercise and both are always willing to give you advice as you need it.
5) The Results. I could physically see a difference in my tummy, my posture and my muscle tone after 4 weeks. I lost 3% of my body fat and shed a few pounds! My energy level was significantly improved. According to their results and the way it is programmed, you can lose up to 10lbs and up to 5 inches from your waist in addition to reduced body fat in just 4 weeks.

Summer is ending, fall is nearing and now would be a great time to join. The next session starts on Monday September 12th. Speaking for someone who attended two months, I highly recommend it and wanted to share this with our readers who might want to change it up this fall. If you have any experience with Boot Camp and want to share, just post a comment.

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