5 Ways to Make Me Love Your Love Song

There is something really cool about narration in movies. Some of my favorites have someone telling me a story along the way. I’m a sucker for that. I’m also a sucker for any love song involving a man and woman singing together. I don’t have Gyote’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” on my playlist. It seems to be playing everywhere these days so I just don’t need to own it. Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is another song that kind of hits me the same way. Both are love songs and both have the 5 elements that seem to make me love songs.

5 Ways to Make Me Love your Love Songs:

1. Guy and Gal sing together. This lets me sing both parts in one track. Love that.
2. Lyrics are simple and relatable. Not “oops I did it again” simple. Simple as in normal English that gives me a chance to remember the lyrics. I’ll botch them but at least this gives me a shot.
3. The songs make me think of something that actually happened. This usually involves heartbreak, even that good kind because you love something/one so much.
4. I like hearing it repeatedly and progressively louder. Whoops, is that track on repeat? Oh well…more wine, crank it up…
5. The tunes. Lyrics don’t sound the same when I read them, the music needs takes me down the scenic road and make me move. It is a song after all and if I wanted poetry I’d pick up a book.

This isn’t the original but I thought it was worth sharing because it’s so cool:

Somebody That I Used to Know -Walk of the Earth

If you wanted to see what Jade and Alexander really look like check out this live one from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Love the pants:

Home-Edward Sharpe and Magnetic Zeros (LIve)

If you haven’t had enough of these songs, here is one that might make you chuckle:

I love new recommendations. If you have any, please comment and share the love…

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