Princeton Is Not Adele’s Hometown Glory

Princeton Is Not Adele’s Hometown Glory

Who doesn’t love Adele? She has a fabulous voice, is super sultry and one of the best lyricists I’ve heard in a long time.  She played this Saturday in Philadelphia and I went with a few very fun ladies to check her out. Here is the skinny:

The show opener was the Civil Wars. This is a folk-pop duo, John Paul White and Joy Williams who play acoustic and mellow tunes that are very relaxed and harmonious.  John Paul looks like a baby born from Johnny Depp and Jack White (if that were possible) and he plays the guitar while Joy bounces around looking cute singing and occasionally plays the piano.  The music was decent but I couldn’t help be get distracted by Joy’s dancing, which looked a bit contrived and reminded me of Cher from back in the Sonny & Cher days (no, not my day but I’ve seen some videos).  In any case she’s super cute and her voice rocks. This was the first time I heard this band who made it big from a Grey’s Anatomy episode that played the track Poison and Wine.  They played for about an hour and although none of their songs really stuck out for me but they did do an interesting cover of MJ’s Billie Jean.  Would I buy their album? Probably not, but I might download a few songs from Itunes.  On a good note, they both stuck around the greet fans after the show and I got to take a picture with them which is always fun.

Adele opened the show with Hometown Glory.  Her pianist started playing it in the dark as she made a dramatic entrance with a plain black curtain behind her and dark stage.  Once she hit the chorus, the curtain raised which showed the cool stage decor.  Vintage looking white lamp shades hung in the backdrop with a bunch of disco balls.  This reminded me of a Anthropology window installation.  Adele was looking super adorable in a black dress and her voice was totally amazing.  She played for an hour and even though she had a great band and back-up singers, her stage presence makes them all disappear.  She’s definitely the lead and is a natural performer.
Here is a clip from the show this weekend:
Unfortunately, the sound at the Electric Factory was sub par and nothing like our own McCarter and I opted out of waiting 2 hours in line to grab a spot in the center of the venue, so I missed out on many of her comments before each song. Adele totally chatted with her audience (to which she referred to as her “favorite mates”), she accepted gifts on stage and joked about marrying Questlove from the Roots since he is from Philly. Before most of the songs, Adele would give her favorite mates some insight on where the song came from. Here is the set-list with a few clips (shaky) from the show on YouTube and what I could make out from the muffled sounds of her comments:

1.  Hometown Glory  
2.  I’ll Be Waiting
3.  Do You Remember
4.  Turning Tables
5.  Set Fire to the Rain – She wrote this one after having a fight with her boyfriend because she couldn’t like her cigarette.
6.  If It Hadn’t Been for Love
7.  My Same -Apparently she had a fight with her best friend which lasted many years and inspired this track
8.  Take it All – 21′s first song written.  She wrote this one after realizing some things that were wrong in her relationship with her then boyfriend.
9.  Rumor Has it  
10. Right as Rain
11. One and Only
12. Lovesong – Her mom loves The Cure which is why she covers this song.
13. Chasing Pavements  
14. Make You Feel My Love
15. Someone Like You-Awesome and emotional. Started out on guitar as she originally played it.
16. Rolling in the Deep  -Shocker! She closed with this one. Before singing it, she commented on how excited she was with what a major hit this became for 21.

Overall, she put on a great show and totally connected with her audience (a mixed bag of friendly fans).  Philly was sold out as are a lot of the other legs of her tour.  Adele’s music is perfect for a really intimate venue and not so much for the run-down Electric Factory, but regardless, she is totally amazing and I would love to go see her show again any time.

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