If you are craving Italian, Pennington and Princeton will hook you up with some tasty treats. Two new markets recently opened in our area.

D’Angelo Italian Market has a full-service butcher, brick oven pizza, fresh sandwiches, baked Italian cookies, produce and lots of cheese. Located on Spring Street in the new Building across from the Parking lot. You can eat in or take out. (Free parking in the lot if you are in and out in a 1/2 hr).

In my last visit, I ordered the Mediterranean wrap which was yummy. Fresh grilled chicken, decent Feta Cheese (I’d prefer Bulgarian but will ask next time) and lots of veggies. Tasted like a bit of Santorini in February.

My husband, Todd, got a massive sandwich. He ordered the D’Angelo but ended up getting something else that was packed with breaded chicken, broccolini and some other veggies. The guy who made it passed the football sized sandwich over and said, “I made you a great sandwich bro” and yes, he did. So great that Todd ate the 2nd half the next day for lunch.

Although there isn’t a Cheese Monger (bummer), there is a large selection of cheeses that should satisfy you. Many of them are from DiBruno Brothers. I didn’t try the desserts but the Italian cookie selection looked great. Brick oven pizza will be next on my list and I’ll try and compare it to Nomad for a little healthy competition.

If I lived in town, the produce they have might be a good option if I’m in a jam, but expect to pay about $5 for 2 organic zucchini. (Ouch)

Pennington is home to the new Cugino’s Italian Specialties. I found out about it because my mother-in-law picked up some heart-shaped cheese ravioli’s from them in February for Valentine’s Day. They were adorable and delish. The pasta was very fresh and the sauce they made was bright and garlicky. They opened in December. I made some for us on Valentine’s Day. (Along with some home-made heart-shaped chicken nuggets I made for my son – pic below).

All of their bread comes from NY and is par baked every day. They finish baking the bread in house as they sell it so you always have a fresh hot loaf. Yum. All of their fresh mozzarella, raviolis, stuffed shells, manicotti and fresh pasta comes from NY as well. If you are a local to Pennington, stop in and give them a shot. This is a take-out place. There are a couple small places to sit, but nothing too inviting.

I’m sure you know of Lucy’s Ravioli which has been around for years. With their great selection of pastas and take-out lunches, they are a good bet for something tasty to bring home. They specialize in hand crafted ravioli and meal solutions. This is another take-out place and is usually pretty bustling around lunch time.

Since I won’t be going back to Italy anytime soon, any of these 3 places will do just fine! Have you been to any of these places? Care to share? Just click on that little cloud next to this blog title and post a comment.
Buon appetito!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been to D’Angelo’s and Lucy’s and I’m happy with both. I didn’t know about Cugino’s Italian Specialties in Pennington. One that you left out is A&G Italian Fine Foods. I go to the Plainsboro store/restaurant, but they have other locations in Central Jersey.

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