Boobadahs are a staple in my house.  If you don’t know what a Boobadah is then you have not met my son Luka.  At 18 months, this is his word for my favorite berry, the Blueberry.  We planted 8 bushes this year that we picked up from Ambleside Nursery in Hillsborough.  They are 3-year old bushes that were in great shape but now with all the heat we are trying to keep them alive with plenty of night-time soaking.  Hopefully these will survive the high temps this weekend.

If you love Boobadahs too then you have to take a trip to Emery’s Berry Farm in New Egypt for some of the final rounds of picking.  Emery’s has been in business for over 50 years and opens its fields to Boobadah lovers for u-pick Certified Organic Blueberries.  Thanks to my mom’s mad picking skills, my family is lucky enough to have plenty of blueberries this season.  Emery’s blueberries are what I would call a “real” blueberry.  Sweet, a little tangy and perfect for any time of day.  Emery’s has hands-down, the best farm for Organic u-pick around Central NJ.

For those of you who don’t mind conventional berries, our local Terhune Orchards is having their annual Blueberry Bash this weekend.  Saturday and Sunday from 10-5 you can enter the farm admission-free and pick your own blueberries.  They will have tractor rides, live country music from 12pm to 4pm and other activities that you can check out on their website.  Although they have some organic crops, the blueberries are not one of them.

After all your picking and bashing, you’ll be thirsty.  I recommend treating yourself to a Boobadah Mohito.

Let us know how you enjoy of of our boobadah recommendations!