Cash for Your Clunker

Cash for Your Clunker

Something I recently discovered is that buying a car is not much fun for me.
Making the decision to buy or sell a car is an important one. If you live in the burbs
like we do in the Princeton area, you are in your car a lot. Driving to work,
driving to school, shuttling your children around and getting anywhere requires a reliable car.

Whether you want to do it in style (Me) or drive around with no Air
Conditioning (Dad), there are a lot of choices and options for you out there.
Frankly, there are too many choices for my liking and is probably why my cars are driven until well over 100K miles.

We decided to add a “Cars Wanted” section on PrincetonAds so that you can post out what you are looking for and increase your chances of finding the exact car you want locally and simplify searching for what you want. We think this will be a good synergy between you and our local dealerships as well as car owners who are looking for buyers.

With cars comes service and for anyone looking for a great place to service your car in the Princeton Area, Kingston Garage is my favorite place to get my cars fixed. Diane is the
best, the mechanics are honest and beyond skilled.

This is a picture of my dad turning off his engine. Seriously. (I know!) He loves his
1984 300 SD Mercedez. No, he’s not selling it but I’m sure if you make a decent
offer he’ll take it.

If you are looking for a vehicle, please try it out and let us know what you

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