Chair Love Part 1- The Panton S

Chair Love Part 1- The Panton S

I have a lot of cool chairs in my house and each one has a story. I figured I would share them and point out where you could pick them up if you love them as much as I do. I have a little bit of an obsession with chairs and it doesn’t help that my husband might just as much and for this reason, in our house, we have too many chairs and not enough space.

It probably started back in the late 90′s when my dad got a really cool original white Panton S Chair. The chair was designed in 1960, and was the first single unit cantilevered chair made of molded plastic. I fell in love with the curves and funkiness of this modern design. It was white and he put it in the family salon which was Beauty Dreams back then (now the Princeton Day Spa). It sat in the waiting area until someone sat in it and leaned back and cracked it. It wasn’t perfect anymore so he gave it to my friend Scott who hauled it back to Brooklyn on the subway that summer.

My dad often found interesting chairs and had them placed around the house. We never had a comfortable couch to lounge on as kids, just a wooden Scandinavian set with some terrible green tapestry fabric that was a sorry excuse for comfort. So no comfy couch but plenty of cool chairs scattered around. I guess might not be not an obsession but an appreciation for chairs. Mostly mid century modern.

Our great friends James and Deirdre bought us a bright orange Pantone S chair for our wedding gift that sits in our living room. I can’t say that I sit on it a lot, but my son gets a lot of use out of it. His matchbox cars take some serious trips around the bends and behind it. When his friends come over and watch a movie, it is usually one of the chairs that a little bum is sitting on. Although this chair is made in a smaller size, called the Junior for children, the one I have is the normal size, same as the original. I love the color that it adds to the room and of course the warm and fuzzy since our friends got it for us when we got hitched.

Today, you can buy this chair in Princeton at Design Within Reach and pick from one of many colors. It runs about $260 (DWR’s next sale will be on Father’s Day.)
I’m not sure if this is the same manufacturer but you can also buy it from Amazon for $79 which is a steal.

If you like to scope out originals, try the One-of-a-Kind Gallery in Princeton Shopping Center, Skillman Furniture on Alexander Rd in Princeton or Hopewell Decorators Consignment just past the old train station in Hopewell where you might be lucky enough to find an original like my dad did.

Check out this book for additional inspiration:
Landmarks of 20th Century Design

This chair looks great on its own and add a little bit of funk to any room.
I love it, do you?


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  1. Interesting blog post Nicole. I never knew you had such an appreciation for chairs! With chairs on the mind, might I point out a cool chair I came accross called the Ostrich 3N1 Beach Chair ;-) This chair allows you to get in postions you wouldn’t have dreamed of getting into on a regular beach chair. Check it out, along with their other cool chairs, at Oh and this company is local too.. they are based out of Hopewell NJ.

    Thanks for the post…good reading.


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