Christmas Events in Hopewell You Can’t Miss

Calling all Hopewell Boro Parents! Do you have little kids who are still at the awe of Santa? If you are, there are two things you just can’t miss this week:

1) Bring you child to the Reindeer Lane Holiday Shop on Friday 12/14 from 4pm-8pm at the Boro Train Station. This annual event is hosted by Hopewell Boro Recreation and is an awesome way for children to do their very own shopping for friends and family. Gifts range from $0.50 to $15.00 and most are $3-4. Parents wait outside the train station while “Reindeer Helpers” (young teens adorning reindeer antlers) help the children pick out their gifts. Be sure to bring a list of who they are shopping for and what the ages of the recipients are. Ideally you can put this on an envelope and tuck some cash inside. Santa is usually there for photo ops.
Friday 12/14 4pm-8pm

2) This week is the drop off week for all gifts for Hopewell Boro residents who want to have Santa personally deliver your little tykes a gift by way of his roaring Firetruck. For a $25 donation to the Hopewell Fire Department, you can wrap a small, labeled gift for your child which will be delivered on the nights of 12/16, 17 and 18th between 6 and 9pm. Drop off is until Tuesday night (the 11th) so get there! There is something totally amazing about Santa coming to our house every year and personally delivering a gift to our boys. If you don’t live in the boro, you can call (609)466-0060 (ext 30) and see if Santa reaches your home.
Check out the full details and form here.

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