Viral Marketing – Friends and 140

So, I’m on a mission to do some “Viral Marketing” – marketing using Social Media. Week 1 & 2 of promoting this site included setting up a Facebook Page and a Twitter Account.
Goal 1: Let my FB Friends know about the launch and get them to Like the Page.
Goal 2: Get as many followers as possible from this area on Twitter.

In my experience, setting up a Facebook page sucks. I’m not sure who at FB tests this, but has anyone else found the use experience of setting up a page painful? The fact that they took the Suggest feature out is really irritating and puts me off. How else am I suppose to Spam, er um, I mean Suggest, that my friends like my page? For any admins out there, do you also find it difficult to see what your page will look like? Luckily, I am using my husband’s account in another browser to check out my page. FB also assumes your Page isn’t live yet until you post pictures and have some friends. I have 4 friends today so Booh to that. My plan is to wait until Suggest is back to send to my friends but please feel free to Like us!. So, Goal 1: On hold

140 character Tweets are getting a little more fun now. All our ads post to Twitter for free and putting little promos out there has been fun for me. I have 35 followers and we got 2 posters through Twitter after 3 days. I’m looking to follow anyone relevant as a business in Princeton with the hopes they will follow me and I can send them a direct message. This is going slower than expected but I’m learning about new businesses and getting some inspiration this way. I’m also seeing more followers trickle is. Goal 2: On track.

Twitter and Promo Cards in town seem to yield the same results. Both got us 2 posters. More work to do here and more to come on the Viral Campaign. I welcome any feedback.

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