Hungover Again

Hungover Again

I don’t miss hangovers. That was something I learned through my last pregnancy but the movie is something I can never get enough of.  I’m psyched to see the sequel to it and hopefully it will make me laugh my pants off all over again. The movie will be out this Memorial Day. Are you looking forward to it?
Check out the trailer:


There is plenty of time to work on our hangovers until this is released. Here are few specialty wine shops to visit and  pick up some fabulous reds or whites – whatever your prefer. Do you prefer one store over the other?
Coolvines – My favorite thing about this shop is the store matrix.  You can cruise through boldness and pricing of wines very easily. Parking is free if you use the lot and park there for less than 30 minutes.

Corkscrew – Another great store in town. Any time I spot in I pick up my favorite under $12: Chateau Turcaud -Entre Deux Mers Blanc


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