In With the Old and Out With the New

In With the Old and Out With the New

I think we are all probably a little sick of seeing the word “Green” on everything that is marketed these days. Although it is overkilled, being green is good for Earth, has created new business opportunities and can be good for the wallet. (For the most part). One of my favorite outcomes of everyone going green is the increase in the number of consignment shops around us.

Recycled threads have been around for a long time. Anyone that has been living locally for a long time and shops second hand knows that Nearly New in Princeton has been reselling clothes in their cramped space upstairs on Nassau Street for over 15 years. This is a reminiscent of a Salvation Army where you can get a good deal on used clothes in this thrift store. (Cheap Cheap!)

More recently, we’ve seen Green Street Consignment open up another store with a more organized and chic approach to retail of womens’ second hand clothing. They have been at it for a while. There is another stores is Pennsylvania which have a similar set-up .

Jane Consignment
on Spring Street is where I recently went poking around amid the designer threads, vintage Princeton University memorabilia and a fun selection of housewares and Jewelry. I love vintage jewelry and since my birthday is coming up, I bought myself a prezzie. I picked up a really fabulous pearl necklace and matching bracelet. They both have a cool dragon clasp. I don’t have any particular affinity towards dragons but I like the Asian feel to it and the way the strands wrap around each other. Next time your out, check out one of these shops and try something unique that has been around the block. Better yet, check out the Merchandise section on PrincetonAds for what is being offered for sale.


Shop Old Here:
Nearly New
234 Nassau St # 1 (back down the driveway, and upstairs)
(609) 924-5720

7 Spring Street Princeton NJ 08542

Green Street Consignment Shop
162 Nassau Street Princeton NJ 08542

The Second Time Around
12 N Main St
Pennington, NJ 08534


  1. Hey Nicole,
    Thanks for the great info. I was just asking someone the other day about consignments stores in Princeton.
    Love your site!

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