IPhoto Makes Me Mad

IPhoto Makes Me Mad

I rarely use the word hate. It’s a bad word in our house. But if there is something I started to hate it is Iphoto. Let me preface this by saying that I love Apple. I’m a Mac lover. I have a MacBook, an IPad and an Iphone. I love the company’s product lines, innovation and most of their software but I can’t stand how my Mac handles photos -at all. I’m also a mom of 2 and have a little 4 month old squishball so photos are very important to me right now.

Reasons I loathe Iphoto:
1. I had hundreds of photos on Iphoto and it took FOR-ever to load. I would get that little whirly thingy that hung my computer and would just sit and wait and eventually just quit. Force Quit that is. I couldn’t find any resolution though Mac Forums for this. If anyone found a reasonable solution for this, please let me know.

2. I can’t wrap my head around Originals and Modified or why I would want to end up with a copy of every photo I touched or renamed in Modified. This took up a lot of space and I find it confusing.

3. I would find some photos missing on Iphoto even though I saw the thumbnail in my reel. As I would click through viewing photos, I would see a thumbnail, click on it then get an image of an explanation point. Whaaat?

4. I can’t watch videos and see my photos in 1 place on Iphoto. This is annoying.

5. I would inconsistently see the ability to share images in IPhoto so this made it hard to email pics because one day it was there and next it was gone.

6. I could not easily delete photos from the Iphoto viewer. With thousands of photos having an easy way to view and delete unwanted pics in one spot is essential.

Thanks for my friend who happens to leverage his techie love as NJ Tech Expert, Jason Saganski, he walked me through my dilemma like one of those cops with a megaphone calming a suicide jumper back into the building. I was about to scrap using my MacBook during my problematic phase with Iphoto, but he helped me find a very simple solution to my problem after remoting into my laptop and scoping out what I was talking about. Here is what we did.
1. Created a new folder which would house all the photos of pictures I wanted to keep.

2. Using Finder, removed any unwanted photos.

3. Moved photos I wanted to keep to the folder created in Step 1.

4. Backed up those photos to an external drive or the cloud.

5. Moved all Originals and Modifed to Trash. Let them sit for 2 weeks so I didn’t accidentally lose anything.

And the most important of all:

6. DOWNLOAD Google’s free Picassa.

This has brought me back to enjoying uploading photos of my life and not dread rummaging through images. It’s super easy to use you can view and edit your photos and videos in one place. This is my new way of organzing my photos. No, I don’t work for Google, I just like this product….:)

Thank you Jason and thank you Google! I will not commit Apple Suicide and go back to PC. I’ve been calmed down off the ledge!

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  1. I totally agree, iPhoto is one product that really needs some improvement. The way that the software stores multiple versions of the images is very conveluded.

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