Girl Power: You Are Enough! With Jen Pastiloff

Girl Power: You Are Enough!  With Jen Pastiloff

Are you getting your daughter ready for a new school year? Usually that kicks off with buying a lot of stuff like new clothes, school supplies, and lunch gear. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just as easily get her some major encouragement, empowerment and some fierce yoga? There won’t be a better way for girls to start off a school season then joining an upcoming unique and motivating yoga workshop. Jen Pastiloff and Lara Heiman are hosting a yoga workshop in Princeton at Yoga Stream for girls 13 and up. Girls will experience the mind body connection of yoga like no other class has to offer. They will learn to love themselves, connect with friends (and make new ones) and realize that we all have differences and fears that make us the same. This workshop welcomes girls of all yoga levels (or no yoga experience at all). Along with asanas to loud energizing music, girls will be asked to journal and share responses to questions like:
“If I wasn’t afraid I would…”
“How may I serve others?”
“What gets in my way?”
“What would I give my self a medal for?”

IMG_3966.PNG sells adorable cards like this one with Jen’s quote.

To say this workshop is powerful is an understatement. Women who have attended Jen’s Manifestation Workshops say that the experiences have been life-changing, game-changing and a starting point for healing to transform and your soul to be uplifted. Jen Pastiloff is a fierce yogi and a writer who is coming to town from Los Angeles. She travels the world speaking and hosting retreats focusing her amazing energy on a this unique yoga that isn’t just about the physical. Her special style sells out because Jen is honest, bold, energetic and real. She encourages you to face yourself, find beauty in life, connect with other souls of the world, love yourself and just be human. During the session, you can expect laugher, tears, dancing like the adorable dork that you are (we all are!) and heart opening excersises that go beyond what any Locust, Cobra or Bow could ever do.

Jen’s workshops have limited capacity and sell out fast. She is working on an upcoming book “Girl Power: You Are Enough” and you can follow the trend and positive hashtag using #girlpoweryouareenough.

Her blog the Manifest-Station is a great pit-stop where you can read some fabulous and heart warming pieces. This is a rare opportunity teens to be part of an experience that can carry over beyond the school year.

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Girl Power: You Are Enough!
Ages 13 and up 9/19 at 11:30-2:30pm Yoga Stream, Princeton NJ $80 per reservation. Reservations, click here.

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