Lady Gaga @Barney’s NYC

Lady Gaga @Barney’s NYC

I can’t wait to watch Ralphie this Christmas for a marathon of a Christmas Story. I love the awe and wonder of the little kids staring into the window at Higbee’s department store. I think that is when Ralphie first laid eyes on that Red Rider BeeBee Gun and the obsession started.

That scene is a far cry from the holiday windows in New York this year. Bloomingdales had interactive windows this year that hook into Facebook of all places. The winner for me was Barney’s and the Gaga Workshop.

If you like Lady Gaga then Barney’s is a must-see for your next visit into the city. The entire 5th floor of Barney’s (on Madison) is dedicated to Lady Gaga. “Gaga’s Workshop” is full of fun and fabulous sculptures and anything your little Monster could desire from Lady Gaga cookies to Christmas ornaments, various toys and jewelry. The room is pumping Gaga’s music and each section in the store has vibrant wares for you to get your fill of Gaga or items that inspired her as a child like a limited edition “James and the Giant Peach”.

Barney’s is donating 25% of all sales to her recently launched charity “Born this way” which is a non-for-profit offering support programs for victems of bullying.

I walked out of there with a couple bouncey balls. It was one of the only things for sale under $10 and I couldn’t resist them. They are filled with a milky goo and flashing lights when you bounce them. Oh yeah.

If you can’t make the trip to NYC, Princeton’s windows are a little more inspiring this year and for more eclectic toys that’ll make you wander in the history of childhood, check out Jazam’s. They gift wrap and offer personal shopping help which goes a long way in the final days of shopping.

Happy Holidays!

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