Molly Ringwald Is a Betrayer. We All Are.

Molly Ringwald Is a Betrayer. We All Are.

Molly Ringwald came to Princeton on Friday night for a book reading and signing at the Princeton Library Community Room. “When It Happens to You” is her latest book which is a compilation of intertwining short stories that weave together several Los Angeles based complex and modern relationships. The book, as Molly puts it, is about betrayal. “We are all betrayed and we all betray”.

Molly arrived in a classy navy dress, heels and a boho-style braid in her gorgeous red hair. Her nails were a chic red, lips peach and she was looking pretty fab overall. Molly read several passages of her book in bold glasses and she delivered a passionate understanding of each of the characters through her readings.

Molly took several questions from the audience and these revealed a lot about the book, her inspirations as writer and future endeavors.
- Molly prefers to write in writing rooms and reaches her limit at 500 words or 2 hours at the max. Working on sets has a lot of “hurry up and wait” moments that also afford her time to write.
-Her husband is a writer and editor and has clearly been supporting her through the process of writing this book.
-Molly used to read JD Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye” to her father because he was blind. He said that she made the best Holden Caulfield.
-The character Olivia was inspired by parents she knew at her child’s school. They were both raising transgendered children and both had very different approaches to how to handle it. She was very sympathetic to the difficulties of parenting in that situation, even when you live in a tolerant community.

-Growing up, she loved to hear her mother read “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh”. Her mom would inspire cliffhangers by reading some of the book, then hiding the book, keeping her in suspense for the next chapter. Some other favorites were “The Island of the Blue Dolphins” and “The Hobbit”. She coined “Gone Girl” as “literary crack”. (A book you can’t put down) and noted “If I Loved You I’d Tell You This” by Robin Black was a recent read that inspired her.
-Molly began singing since she was three-and-a-half and was six when she recorded her first song that sang with her Dad. She loves Jazz and has been inspired by Bessie Smith. She has an album coming out in February on the Concord Record Label.
-Molly is thinking about how to adapt the book into film. She mentioned that she would play the role of Marina (the only red head in the book) and that Actor Dmitri Martin has shown interest in playing the part of Peter.
-She is currently working on another novel.
-In the 90’s, Molly met Toni Morrison (Nobel Prize-winning author) at an event celebrating Time Magazine. Toni was a professor at Princeton University at the time and offered Molly to audit her class. Although Molly regrets never doing (she was working at the time), she poetically stated that she finally “I finally made it to Princeton.”

If you want to catch one of Molly’s inspirations, Toni Morrison will be reading from her latest novel “Home” on October 2 at Princeton University at 5:30pm. Tickets available to the public on Sept 21.

You can follow her @MollyRingwald and stay up with her latest projects on her website.

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