Move Over iTunes, Here Comes Spotify

Move Over iTunes, Here Comes Spotify

It’s hard to imagine that it was 25 years ago that I found myself among the aisles of the Sam Goody on Nassau Street looking for CDs. Even though now, the Princeton Record Exchange is the best place to buy music, as a 5th Grader, the Princeton Record Exchange was a little intimidating for me with all those long-haired rockers, older men flipping through classical albums, and serious music. They definitely were not playing Debbie Gibson. (Who sadly, can no longer sing Click here for a sorry performance). So Sam Goody it was; generic and limited but for me I knew no different. Flash forward to 2011 and that now mom of two is super jealous of grade-schoolers today who can simply download Spotify and have millions of songs at their fingertips. But this player is not just for kids, it is the best new way to find new music and play those songs you love.

is a massive success in Europe and is causing a buzz here in the US and rightfully so. Spotify has over 15 million tracks hosted in the cloud with an amazing range of high quality recordings.

This is different from iTunes in that you don’t have to purchase individual tracks or albums in order to play the music and unlike Pandora radio, there is no pre-defined song list. Spotify streams music you choose at any time you want.

To get started you need and “invitation” to download the Spotify player. You can be their Friend on Facebook to get one or ask a friend. Then choose your subscription level.

1. Open -FREE
• You will have access to all tracks and you will have to play them from the internet (not on your phone or tablet)
• You can share your Playlists with your friends on Facebook or Twitter
• This version has a lot of visual and audio advertisements. You know, the annoying ones.
• There is a Limitation 10 hours of listening a month.
• You can only play each track 5 times

2. Unlimited-$ 4.99
• Same features and access as Open membership
• No ads
• No limitation of how hours of play time or number of times a track is played.

3. Premium- $9.99
• Same features and access as Unlimited memberships
• Portability—You can Play songs on your phone or device (iPad, tablet)
• Transferability-Download songs from Spotify directly on your device so you can listen anywhere you don’t have Internet access. (Airplane, in the car, etc) Note: If you download the songs, you don’t own them and if you drop your service, the songs go along with it.
Note: You can enable a high bitrate if you have a Premium subscription. (Edit/Preferences)

Spotify is available on Android and iPhone and is supported on Mac or PC. If you want to consolidate your iTunes and Spotify songs on one player, you can import your iTunes songs into Spotify. You can also share any of the Playlists on Facebook or Twitter. The real beauty of Spotify is that fact that you can search nearly any song title out there and immediately start listening to that track. It is really easy and super fast.

Need Inspiration? Check out the Top Lists
If you are looking for some new tunes, check out the “Top Lists” section on Spotify. You can look for top Artists, Tracks or Albums. You and also change the region where you are getting the top list from. Check out the UK for a different musical selection.

Spotify allows you to search music in many different ways. Here are a few tips:

Example: Red Hot Chili Peppers has ton of songs out there. Let’s say you want to search for some of their music. Just enter the artist name after “artist:” or enter the album name after “album:”

You can also use logic like “NOT” or “-“ to exclude certain albums or artists.
Example: “genre: Country NOT Dolly Parton

You can search on close to 1000 genres.
Click here for a full list.

While iTunes never made me want to slow down on buying vinyl or CDs, Spotify is a little more of a threat. It will be interesting to see what comes next!

Are you already using Spotify? Do you have any other tips for Spotify? Please share by posting a comment.

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