Music + Nature = Fun!

Music + Nature = Fun!

Hey Everyone! A great outdoor music festival is going on this weekend nearby so I want to share the skinny…

Princeton and Lawrenceville host many weekly outdoor concerts but this annual happening is my favorite local outdoor concert by far. You might have seen the banners or the crafty signs around our area for the Sourland Music Festival. This festival is tucked up on a hill in the Sourlands Mountains and has a great vibe. The venue is the Hillsborough Country Club which has the perfect lawn (their polo field) for this growing event.

The Sourland Planning Council is hosting this event. They are a non-profit who work on protecting the ecological integrity, historical resources and special character of the Sourland Mountain region so proceeds go to this cause.

Our Sourlands Mountain region is an environmentally sensitive area and the home to several rare and endangered plants and animals. Taking a hike on one of the many trails you can come across ginseng, bobcats, grasshoppers, barred owls, trout lilies and many species of birds like the Savannah Sparrow. Several migratory birds traveling between South America and the Arctic make a pit-stop here. The importance of the Sourlands is not easily noticed by those who live in the area and this goes for most of the forests and open land that suburbia engulfs. Beyond being a gorgeous place to live, hike and farm, the forests are vital to the survival of many migrant bird species.

The festival is a great time to hang out with friend and family and support our local enviroment. Beer and food vendors will be there but I’ve always brought my own picnic. For anyone who is new to this area, the view here is awesome and makes you feel like you are up in Vermont in a way. This is a great spot to visit with kids as there is a huge open space for them to run around and play. Take along some hula hoops, balls, bubbles or just a few blankets to chill out on and enjoy the music!

Sourland Music Festival @ Hillsborough Country Club

When: Saturday July 16th
Time: 4pm
Ends: 11pm
$5/ Child under 13
Free for any little ones under 6 years of age
Buy Tickets or make a donation

The Musical Line-Up:
Mike Montrey Band -Indie Rock
VooDudes -Party Rock Mixed — Funk/Blues/Boogie-Woogie
Nasty Ned & Johnny Charles -Rockin’ Blues
Wiser Time -Rock
Sandy Zio -Contemporary Jazz

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