Nassau Street Seafood & Produce: Monday Bites

Nassau Street Seafood & Produce: Monday Bites

If you are local and love seafood, Nassau Street Seafood & Produce Company is a place you go to pick up the freshest from the sea in the area. Did you know you could also go there for lunch? Nassau Street Seafood offers a simple no frills take-out lunch that is perfect when you are pressed for time.


The Food: The menu for lunch is simple and has something for everyone. Whether it is a pint of Clam Chowder ($6) or Fish Tacos ($8) you’ll get something fresh that is typically grilled or fried. The sandwiches are a solid option and ordering as a “box lunch” you’ll have an option of fries or slaw (we wish it just came with both). All sandwiches range from $8-11 with a great choice being the moist, well-seasoned Blackened Catfish ($8). You can get similar style sandwich with perfectly grilled Tuna $11 or a Salmon Sandwich ($9) each of which come on a Kaiser roll and served with a seasoned mayo. Don’t expect a really saucy Shrimp Po-Boy ($8), the take on it here is small shrimp fried with lettuce tomato and a little bit of sauce on a roll. The buffalo Calamari ($9) sounded like an interesting option but we were a little disappointed in sweeter take on buffalo sauce and we were expecting a little more but most of the calamari were lacking sauce. The slaw ($1) tends to be a little dry but the fries ($2) are a solid slender crisp that will hit the spot.


Atmosphere: This is a take-out lunch. You can eat lunch outside at the Blue Point Grill’s patio or dine inside if the weather is not to you liking. You’ll feel like you are being sneaky because no staff is in the space, but you aren’t. Just be nice and take your trash with you.

The Service: Fast. Call in your order and you’ll have 10 minutes until it is ready. Since most of these dishes are fried get your timing down right. With dining tables outside you are on your own so this makes for a quick 20-25 lunch.

The Drinks: Whatever is in the fridge. Soda, selzer and juice options.


The Last Bite: A solid option for seafood when you are in the mood from something fast and fresh. Sure you might order something fried but who doesn’t love a fresh fish sandwich any time of year. If you are lunching on your own, this is a solid option in Princeton and if you need a little midday coffee afterwards stop at Small World Coffee next door.

Nassau Street Seafood and Produce Co
256 Nassau Street
Princeton, NJ 08540
Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30-3pm
Sat 11:30-5pm Sun 11-2:30

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