No More Honeymoon, Frontier

No More Honeymoon, Frontier

The honeymoon is officially over for those of you who loved the fares and convenience of flying from Trenton (TTN) via Frontier Airlines. Free parking is gone ($8/day) and Frontier is now charging travelers to bring carry-on bags on the plane. It seems that since ex-President of Spirit Airlines, Barry Biffle joined Frontier as the Marketing Officer he is lifting this model from Spirit who also charges for carry-on bags.


How much you pay to carry on depends on how and when you purchase your ticket and your luggage option. Basically if you buy online and know you’ll bring a carry-on then you’ll pay the lowest rate (without memberships) of $25. If you are frequent flier and do the same you’ll pay $20. Classic, Summit and Ascent fares enjoy free carry-ons.

“Personal Items” are still free for all. This means you get to bring one bag that fits under your seat.

If you forget to purchase your carry-on at the time of your ticket purchase expect to pay higher fees:
$30 if you pay during Online Check-In
$35 at the airport Check-in
$35 if you use their Call Center to update your trip
$50 at the departure gate

On top of these fees, Frontier is now charging $1.99 to reserve a specific seat on the plane so keep that in mind next time you book your weekend getaway out of Trenton. Hopefully Frontier will stay competitive despite these increased rates and hold to their goal of being an Ultra Low-Cost Carrier (ULCC).

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