Oh You Tiny Bridge You!

Oh You Tiny Bridge You!

If you live or have friends who live in Hopewell, you’re probably just as in love with the bridge project on North Greenwood as I am. I have to say that ever since this project started I’ve cursed in my head while being detoured an extra 3 miles a day any time I need to leave town. Between the amount of time it now takes me to run simple tasks and the morning traffic, I just about had it. Yes, this blog post is a bit of a rant.
What really gets me is that this bridge is TINY. TINY. TINY.
It is estimated to take 13 months to complete. The project started in October 2010.
Just to mention:
It takes a human embryo to become a living breathing baby 10 months. In 13 months you get a beautiful babbling baby who can see that construction with those beautiful grey blue eyes.

The Empire State Building took 18 months to build in 1930. Just 5 months more than this TINY bridge. Have you seen the Empire State Building? Pretty impressive.

The bridge project is estimated to cost $3.2 MILLION. Don’t worry now, it seems they should fall in budget. Does anyone recall the blood sweat and tears put into the grass-roots effort to put the new parks in town for about $200K? Just sayin.
This detour is costing us more than a headache. It’s our time and our money. If you estimate this detour to be 3 miles, it’s costing everyone who drives ONCE to work an extra $130 during these 13 months just to get to work. This doesn’t include all the other people driving mulitple times a day.

Is it me or does it seem RIDICULOUS that this project is taking so long? Please people talk to me.

On a fun note, check out this guy’s LEGO bridge. Very very cool.

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  1. Ridiculous.

    I thought it was 15 months?

    I hear it’s taking so long in order to keep the little walkway open. Just saying, I wouldn’t let my kids walk to school alongside that construction project for the life of me.

    And just saying #2, it seems most everybody has a car, and probably would be grateful for a shorter project vs. the dangerous walkway alongside construction (mere feet away from it!) remaining open.

    And finally, someone should talk to the leisure bikers using the back roads during this detour. Pedallers are going to get mowed down if they’re not careful. That’s commuter traffic back there now, and they’re late for something.

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