Pick Your Own Strawberries

Pick Your Own Strawberries

Nothing says summer in New Jersey than going to a local farm to pick your own strawberries (PYO). With more farms popping up and offering Pick-Your-Own or U-Pick berries, it is tricky to know which farm is best. The season for picking strawberries is short so now is the best time to go. If you want to avoid the “agritainment” (agriculture plus entertainment) involved with some U-Pick Strawberry farms in New Jersey, take a 30-40 minute drive to Peterson Farm in Flemington, NJ. This is laid back farm with three large strawberry patches that are bursting with berries.


Strawberries are $1.95 a pound and should be good for the picking over the next two to three weeks. If you bring your own container make sure to have it weighed before you start picking. If you don’t have your own, no problem, they have some for you to use. Peterson Farm, unlike other farms does not charge you to pick on their fields. Something about that always annoys me so I opt out of going to farms that charge you a fee. There are so many great things you can do with berries, like infuse vodka or make a jam so head on out and pick your own while the pickin
g is good!
Don’t have time to pick? Check out our Events Calendar and find out when your local Farmer’s Market is open where you’ll be sure to find some fresh New Jersey Strawberries.

10 Tips for Picking Strawberries
1) It takes about 10-15 minutes to pick 1 Quart of berries. 1 Quart=2 pints=4 Cups is about 1.25-5 lbs.
2) When picking, don’t pile more than 5 inches in your container or the berries will squash each other.
3) Pick the berries that are very red and firm. Look under the green leaves for clusters underneath.
4) Small berries usually have the most flavor
5) Don’t pick unripe strawberries because they will not ripen off the vine.
6) Strawberries only last a couple days in the fridge.
7) Don’t wash berries until you are going to use them
8) To freeze strawberries, wash, cut the hull then dry. To save space in your freezer, mash up the
berries first or make a puree then freeze them in a large freezer bag.
9) Go early in the morning, and bring sun block or a hat
10) Bring your kids but leave your dogs at home. Most farms don’t allow dogs on the fields.

Happy Picking!

Peterson Farm
438 Quakertown Road
Fleminton, NJ 08822
Opens at 8am Closes at 7pm

Do locate more pick-your own farms in Mercer County or the surrounding area, take a look a Jersey Fresh.

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