Target and Lilly Pulitzer’s Shopaggedon

Target and Lilly Pulitzer’s Shopaggedon
Holy smokes I had no idea Lilly Pulizer would sell out so fast this Sunday. The lines were long and started forming across the nation at 5am. The sale turned up a mixed bag of emotions for ladies looking to score some affordable and adorable Lilly. Target nailed it again by bringing an affordable line to their stores and driving thousands to buy out the stores in a minutes. Some refer to the limited edition line for Target as a “Flashsale” rather then a limited edition because it sold out in minutes in stores and online. Online shoppers were able to purchase at 6am but the Target website was slow and at some point was brought down frustrating many.

Lilly Fabric

The coveted 250-piece collection in 15 prints sold out in minutes and people quickly turned to the secondary market, namely, Ebay to pick up some #LillyforTarget. Near Princeton, I walked up to Target right when the doors were opening at 8am and was surprised because I didn’t anticipate the line forming down to the doors at Michel’s next door. The crowd cheered as the doors opened and my sister and I decided to “divide and conquer”. I headed to clothes and she was going to housewares. By the time I got to the clothes, literally 8:03am, the racks were bare and the there were carts abandoned everywhere and a somewhat frantic yet excited group of ladies trying to get anything in their hands. It was a full-on Shopageddon. I got a cute Yellow Tank and a pair of the Pineapple flats that happen to be in my size because that was all that was left on the racks.

The Line


As I hustled over to Housewares, drones of women either happy or mad were looking down aisles for the next display to shop for but by the time I got to housewares, it was bare. This was probably at 8:10am. My sister scored a few towels and a beach bag for both of us. Luckily, we were in a location of the store where the Target employees were bringing out new carts of merchandise and both both ended up with an umbrella, hammock and chairs. Luckily we had a Target employee help us out with putting it all in huge carts and helping us at check-out and to our car. (Rolly, you rock!) Our fellow shoppers passing by commented with a mixed bag of emotions “Yeah, you guys did great”! While another disgruntled woman mumbled something about there being no limit per customer and whined “I didn’t get anything!” as if it was our fault.

Patio Chair

The lure of affordable high-end fashions at “Tar-zhay” started when Target launched Missoni and the legacy of that can still be seen on Ebay today where blankets are still in the market for $300 and up. Lilly Pulitzer’s line of 250 items was affordable and included new prints and styles that reach a broader market. It seems most of the haters are pretty snooty or just bummed they didn’t get anything .  I personally love the “Sport Shopping” aspect of limited editions at Target. Much like the coveted Nike sneaker releases that have a limited supply and huge resale market, Target nails it every time and the way they team up with designers seems to match what we want. For those that missed out, you can probably head to Target this week and check out the returns as there probably will be a few. If you must have, just check out Ebay where it looks like people are taking advantage of simple laws of supply and demand laws or hoping for more then they paid for rather then returns. You’ll get what you want but you now have to pay a premium.

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