What’s Up With that Tree?

What’s Up With that Tree?

Has anyone else noticed that Tree that is on top of the top floor of the new building on Paul Robeson Place? If you are at the corning or Witherspoon and Paul Robeson Pl, look up at the new construction and you’ll see an Evergreen tree on top of the corner unit. What’s up with that? The building is raw, why is there a tree there? My husband said this was a tradition of sorts so I did some research and turns out there are a few twists on placing an evergreen on top of a building once the roof is in place.

“Wetting the Bush” is an Old English tradition which happens when the roof is framed. An evergreen is placed on the roof frame and libations are enjoyed with toasts to the future health and happiness in the new home. The owner is expected to bring the high quality beverage to share with the building crew.

“Topping out party” is another name for is used in Germany where a tree is nailed to the highest part of the building and the Carpenter climbs to the ridge with a bottle of schnapps and toasts the health of the new home owners. Every person that has worked on the building then says their cheers (pross!) and the Carpenter then throws the glass from the roof and if it breaks every body looks on this as a sign of good luck for the new house. Food and drink is then supplied to any one that worked or helped on the building of the new home.

Apparently this tradition migrated to England with Scandinavian invaders and took root there. Sounds like another reason to have a party to me.

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